Amira Induction Briefing

(To be countersigned by Client and Skipper)



  • The emergency assembly point is the rear of the lower deck

  • Location of Fire Extinguishers and Life Buoys


  • Fire Membrane Portside Engine located in the hallway for extinguisher if engine bay fire extinguisher located rear port side below stairs

  • Fuel and engine shut off handles located as shown in gas lockers

  • LP Gas cupboard Portside kitchen –for the hotplate  (spare bottle of gas)

  • LP Gas Starboard –hot water/ Showers (spare bottle of gas)


  • Use Starboard Water Pump switch to transfer water to the Port tank when it shows low. Run for approx. 1 hr or until the port tank is full. Turn the pump off when the transfer is completed.

  • Gates leading to rear and sides of vessel closed at all times no entry to sides

  • The cupboard is at the starboard rear, spare  Toilet and Shower  storage for cleaning equip

  • Fire Extinguisher located next to linen cupboard in starboard rear bedroom– Membrane for Starboard Engine Fire in starbord rear corner of linen cupboard floor

  • Toilets, dispose of toilet waste only. ($150 charge to unblock)

    • To Flush press the left button to fill a bowl with water then take a seat, Right Button to Flush

    • Feminine products, baby wipes, and any product other than toilet paper must be placed in the waste bin provided please - DO NOT FLUSH TAMPONS

    • If using a lot of toilet paper flush 2 to 3 times in stages as too much paper can block toilet

    • Amira has a sewerage treatment plant that is in manual mode,  and when the tank is full an alarm will sound on the controller located in the bottom cupboard in the electrical distribution panel. Press the top right-hand button on the controller once to start the discharge cycle which goes for 55 seconds.

    • If the alarm does not go off it is indicating the chlorine tank for the treatment is empty. Fill up the tank using chlorine in a bottle next to the tank located on the laundry floor. One tank should last 2 days with 12 people

  • Fire Extinguisher behind the door in the second Bedroom

  • Mini USB Aircon in the second bedroom  requires water to operate

  • Family Room smart  TV.  – TV On, then Bose On. Connect wifi from  your phone

  • Air Conditioning controls on the wall

  • The rear hatch in the lounge room has  Recreation Life jackets

  • The front hatch contains water bottles, do not access other interior hatches

  • Coffee Tea Complimentary use onboard. Use Ground Coffee in Chute

  • Ensure cooktop Gas is turned OFF when not in use

  • Do Not Boil Oil or Fat. – Safety on-board Vessels

  • The fire extinguisher is located in the front right-hand corner of the lounge room

  • First Aid Kit Fire Blanket above Fridge

  • Safety / Emergency Plan on side of Fridge

  • Front Exterior, no access to panels/hatches, do not climb on rails



  • TOP CUPBOARD 2nd & 3rd Switches LHS for Side Lights

  • RHS Top. 2 Engine Switches OFF – except to start engines  in an emergency

  • Leave all other switches ON except the starboard water pump which can be turned on only to transfer water if port tanks are low

  • BOTTOM CUPBOARD is for AC (240v) power – leave all switches ON

  • Generator ON/OFF switch

  • Sewerage treatment plant alarm warning

  • Left-hand side switches for spa, air conditioning and oven can only be turned on when the generator is running

  • Amira is powered by 2kw of solar panels which provide power to most of the 240v appliances during the day. If too many 240v appliances are used at once it will trip the circuit breaker on the inverter located in the hatch for the battery bay in the second bedroom, reset the switch on top of the invertor,  once reset turn the generator on to provide more power eg if kettle, toaster, microwave, TVs and stereos are all in use

  • For this reason, it is best to turn the generator on during periods of high power use for example when cooking, usually required for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening (turn generator off when heavy power use is not required)



                          240volt Bilge pump system for an emergency hole in the vessel

  • Start Generator

  • Turn switch above the circuit breakers to generator position

  • Locate area requiring the bilge pump and switch on

  • Ring us on 0407 930 682


  • Fire extinguisher located starboard rear of the lounge area

  • Smoking area rear outside of the top deck

  • BBQ: turn gas off when, not in use

  • SPA Instructions are in the operating manual. Use generator to power the jets & lights

  • To keep spa hot top up with hot water using the hose located under the sink

  • Spa Cover can be used as a sun lounge for two adults as it is reinforced

  • Do not drag furniture

  • Do not open side Clear windows

  • Front Clear windows can be rolled up for sea breeze

  • No Access to Glove Box or Front fwd hatch

  • EMERGENCY First Aid kit under driver's seat

  • Flares located in the locker behind the driver's seat

  • Domestic First Aid in the green box in the locker behind the driver seat

  • Life jackets under a lift up King size bed

  • The roof of the Vessel is OUT OF BOUNDS


  • Mooring Light remains ON

  • Light Switches top floor Bottom 4 switches

  • Radio for entertainment

  • Marine Radio for Emergency On Switch Top RHS or dial 000

  • Do not remove the torch from the dashboard area or anything from the glovebox



Power Board downstairs

  • Top Right Panel Power to 2x Engines (P & S)

  • Ensure Throttle Controls are in Neutral

  • EVC Panel (Port and Starboard)

    • Top Left Ignition On

    • Top Right Start Engine

  • Throttles are Electronic

    • Select SEL on Throttle to Engage gear



  • Amira’s maximum cruising RPM is 2600. Any higher will cause engines to overheat.

  • Amira is not to be driven at night and only in enclosed water areas shown on the maps provided


  • NO other vessel can be tied alongside Amira except for the tender.

  • Amira is not to be driven into any Marina or canal

  • Keep two boat lengths away from channel markers as currents, wind and tides can move the vessel sideways

  • Never drive vessel whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Turn boat to drive into wake from other boats which will minimize rocking and lessen the chance of water splashing out of the spa.

  • When reversing, securely tie tender onto the side of the vessel so that the rope cannot get wrapped around props. Tie securely to CLEATS ONLY at the back of the boat to tow (when moving Amira)



  • Choose a safe sheltered anchorage in  a location from the maps provided

  • Allow for at least 4 boat lengths from the shoreline and other vessels and drop 30 meters of anchor chain down to the third set of cable ties on the anchor chain, or count to 60 seconds for approximately 30mt of the chain. (.5mt/sec).

  • Fit Bridal/Snubber to anchor once the vessel is safely anchored.

  • Anchor up procedure

    • Start Engines

    • Camera On (Top Left Panel)

    • View Anchor on the dashboard camera

    • Engage gear forward SLOWLY creep forward until Chain is vertical above the seafloor

    • Remove anchor bridle

    • Raise Anchor!

    • Too much Strain will trip circuit Breaker

      • Reset manually - located under the front edge of Starboard Hatch on the lower front balcony




  • Ensure tender is securely tied on to the side of the vessel

  • Tender is only to be used within sight of Amira and no further than 1km

  • Maximum of 4 people in the tender at once

  • Ensure there are 4 lifejackets, paddles, and bailing bucket

  • Tender not to be used at night

  • Spare 4 stroke fuel in starboard rear locker